Frequently Asked Questions | Divine Viewer - Virtual Reality Headset

Divine Viewer - Virtual Reality Headset

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use headphones with my Divine Viewer?

Yes, there is enough room to plug in your headphones and route the cord through the side of the smartphone tray. We recommend a good pair of Bluetooth headphones to have a cordless experience.

Can I wear glasses while using the Divine Viewer?

Yes, most glasses will fit within the viewing space. If not you can adjust the depth of the stage and lenses to correct the focus to your eyesight.

Do I need to download an app for my phone? How do I watch movies and play games?

There are thousands of virtual reality videos available that work within your web browser. However, we recommend that you download apps to fully experience the Divine Viewer. We provide an extensive list for both iOS and Android Apps on our Getting Started page.

How does the Divine Viewer compare to Google Cardboard resolution wise?

DivineViewer is much much better than Google Cardboard:

1. Field of view is about 95° for the DivineViewer and for cardboard it's about 60°.

2. Gyroscope tracking works much better on the DivineViewer because of the stability of the head straps.

3. Ergonomics for the DivineViewer are much better.

Do I need to buy a controller for this?

Some games require a controller but most use head tracking to allow interaction.