Divine Viewer - Virtual Reality Headset | Divine Viewer - Virtual Reality Headset

Divine Viewer - Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Powered by Your Smartphone

  • It is now possible to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. You can now go through the immersive, entertaining and exciting universe of VR. Fly through the Grand Canyon, play 3D games, travel the city streets of Paris or become a character in an animated movie.
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Lightweight plastics, aluminum alloys and foam cushioning help to create an immersive experience free from distractions.



*without smartphone
Head Tracking

Head Tracking

360° positional tracking using the tri-axis gyroscrope found in your smartphone.

Smartphone Tray

Spring loaded tray holds your smartphone securely in place. Magnetic opening mechanism provides easy access.
Smartphone Tray


IPD Adjustment

IPD Adjustment

Adjusts the distance between the lenses to match up with the distance between your pupils.
Depth Adjusment

Depth Adjusment

Controls the straight line distance between the stage and your pupils.
Individual Lense Focus

Individual Lense Focus

Lenses can be individually adjusted to account for differences in pupil focus.

Thousands of VR Games, Apps and Videos available for FREE

VR Videos for both Android and iOS

youtube 3d videos
vr porn galaxy

VR Compatible Apps for Android

VR Compatible Apps for iOS


Works with almost any phone up to 5.5” in Screen Size!
Including but not limited to the following:

Samsung S6 Samsung S5
Samsung S6 edge
Note 3 Note 4

iPhone 6 iPhone 6S
iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 5 iPhone 5c

Any phone up to 5.5” in Screen Size

If you want to confirm your phones compatibility, email or call us.

Customer Reviews

John Hartman
I wanted to get a good VR headset that worked with my phone but didn't want something flimsy like the Google Cardboard. I mainly use it for watching 3D videos found on Youtube. It's lightweight and all the controls are easy to use once you have it over your eyes. The lenses fog up a bit when I put it on at first but that quickly goes away.

– John Hartman

Donald Livits
This thing kicks ass! It fits my S6 perfectly and the image is very clear. The straps fit over my head. Lightweight and very comfortably. I let my sister try a rollercoaster demo and she nearly fell off the chair. If you haven't tried VR yet, get it!

– Donald Livits